Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Page From Cobi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first Windows page has actually arrived through all of the ice and snow!! I absolutely love it Cobi!!! I wish that you all could see the incredible embroidery details, in the amazing leaves especailly! I tried to take closs up shot to show you , I hope that you can make them out. (I think that if you right click on the photos, they will enlarge in a new screen!)

DId you see the darling little bluebird and nest perched on top of the window?? PERFECT!! And she included some of my favortie lace- hand done tatting- reminds me of my Swedish Grnadmother who did lots of bobbin lace. Seems to me that Cobi did some research. Have you been reading my blog, by chance?? :)

The background that Cobi used does not show up well in the photos, it is a very subtle brick work pattern. She did wonderful silk ribbon emb for the central garden and then the clibing vines a re a wonderful mix of hand painted lace motifs and intricate embroidered leaves. How did you know , Cobi, that I am passionate about flowers and gardening?????
I simply adore this piece and I so appreciate all of the effort and thought and time that you put into it!!! It was soooo worth the wait!!!
Big Apprecaitive Hugs!!!!


  1. What a beautiful page. There is so much detail there. Well done Cobi, a lovely piece of work.

  2. Elizabeth I'm so glad the page has finally arrived and that you like it. I didn't do research, tho' I did look at your preferrences. You want lots of colors, so I needed flowers to bring in the colors. The lace is no tatting, looks more like bobbin lace to me. I do tat, but I had this bit of lace laying around from a swap. SRE and dyeing and painting is what I love. The glass in the window is snow dyed and I often paint lace for cq projects. Also I enjoy fine embroidery.The leaves of the roses are done in flystitch, the holyhock leaves are lazy daisy stitches, a small one in the middle and bigger ones around that until the leaf has the desired size.

  3. Oh Cobi!! THank you so much for all of the details!! Your page for me is such a treasure!!! Warm hugs!


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