Thursday, February 4, 2010

The first leaf in the book of Leaves

Here's the first page of leaves made by Kath in Greece which I recieved yesterday.
Its a wonderful page full of texture and great embroidery no doubt inspired by the beauty of her surrounings on Crete. Thank you for the brochure about Rethymno.


  1. lots of different textures, just wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful assortment of leaves! I love the edging treatment too.

  3. What a wonderful start to your book. Just great!

  4. Kath!! You did an absolutely amazing job here!! Your stitching is just wonderful!!

  5. Thanks everyone, so glad you enjoyed it! I was a bit unsure about the edging as it didn't come as 'neat' as I had in my head - story of my life really!

  6. Thank you Kath.wonderful start to a book.


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