Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "Real" Redwoods

Walking in the redwoods is truly an awesome experience. For those who have not had that joy, I thought I might show you a couple pictures of the real thing that show clearly the bark and the needles. I took a little artistic liberty with the needles. They are quite short and a medium to dark green. We live 3-4 hours from the coast where they grow and try to get over there at least once each summer. A belated "You're Welcome, Ruth." I'm glad you like it.


  1. Oh thank you for these pictures!! i have visited the Redwoods once as a small child and I would dearly love to visit and walk amoung thema gain with camera and sketch pad in tow!!!

  2. These pictures don't show the huge old trees, but yes, a few of them are big enough to drive a car through. Google images have some great pictures of those.


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