Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blätter für Maya II Sneek

Here is a sneak preview of the page I will send to Maya. The first page with leaves I made in March didn't arrived, so I started another one. This one is a bit different. I hope Maya will like it.

Today is a public Holiday, so I'm going to send the page tomorrow. Hope the letter will arrive.

And now I'm going to start the castle page.


  1. I really like what I see Ann,this ones coming to Bangalore keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. This looks wonderful, Ann. I do hope it arrives safely.

  3. That's really colourful. Will the leaves be 3D on the finished page? They look great in the preview.

  4. Beautiful!!!!
    I Have my fingers crossed for you!!!! I am sure that it will arrive safely!!


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