Thursday, May 27, 2010

for Gayle

Gayle, I've finished your page and it will be mailed today. It find it quite hard to part with it. I think its my best page ever. I used a new-to-me method to make leaves: I colored silk with Neocolors II, mixed the colors with water, cut leaves and burned the edges in a candle flame.


  1. This sounds wonderful Cobi. I look forward to seeing the page itself after it has arrived.

  2. With this picture, and the little teaser you posted before, I am really intrigued, and can hardly wait to see it.

  3. VERY NICE! When my hectic life slows down this summer I'll have to try this. I love leaves!
    BiG HuGGs!

  4. Those leaves look just wonderful. I shall have to try this


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