Saturday, May 15, 2010


I received my wonderful, lovely page from Chris!  I just can't believe how much these pages are fitting in with each other.  I'm going to have a book to treasure forever and I can tell you that it will be passed down to my creative granddaughter.  She's in high school and has been my art buddy since she could hold a crayon/paintbrush.  She "gets it" when it comes to art and treasures it in all it's forms.  She's first chair violin in her orchestra and they are traveling to Europe next June (2011) to perform.  She's also a talented ceramist, and mixed media artist.  She can bead, but she doesn't have the obsession like I do.
Anyway, thank you Chris.  AND, thank you for the wonderful shabby chic flower pin you made for me.  It's already on my favorite white summer cardigan just waiting for a chance for me to wear it.  I'm absolutely positive I'll get lots of comments!!!
And last but not least... my husband Bill has already made some current scones from the little recipe book you sent.  We love to cook and bake and take turns working in the kitchen.  Since I've been spending as much time as I can with his mom (who has an inoperable brain tumor) and going to school full time, he's been doing a lot of the cooking around here.  I'm so spoiled, but he says I'm worth it.  (He's a great cook by the way!)


  1. Hi Debi I am glad everything arrived ok for you, i am sorry it was a little late. I rushed so much to get it in the post i didn't take a photo of it so would you mind showing a photo of it please. I am glad you liked the pin and the little welsh cookery book. I think the current scones could be what we call welsh cakes. They are like biscuit really but rather yummy.

  2. We would all love a photo, Debi. Please do post one.


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