Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goddess for Johoanna

My plan for Johoanna's page was to do something very deep and thought-provoking.  I should have know I couldn't do that!  LOL!

Once I found out about the Goddess Caffeina, I knew I had to portray her for this page.


I did a fairly simple combination of piecing, applique, and embroidery on the front of the page.


On the back, I used Shiva Oil Sticks and a stamp of the goddess Venus on some batik fabric.  The most fun, though, was learning about Caffeina and some of her "rituals."  Go to my blog for links to some of the fun things I learned.


  1. Fantastic! Both the page and the info....now I am 'worshipping my goddess' not wasting time daydreaming over another cup of coffee!! Thank you..

  2. Fabulous page Liz and so very creative !!! Who knew that there was such a goddess- I am to be creating a goddess page now - you are giving me ideas!!!!

  3. Wonderful! It's amazing what you can find out when you research a little. I'm sure we all need to worship the Goddess of Caffeine every now and then ;0)

  4. Katerina, 'worshiping the goddess' is a great line! I will have to use it myself when asking for another cup!


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