Monday, May 10, 2010

March page update

As some pages seem to have gone missing or people are running late, I've posted my March page just for reference as I know Carmen said she did receive it. Maybe others are doing what I am and saving a copy of everyone's pages for future enjoyment! Also I hope my coastline has sailed safely across the sea now? We have so many strikes on here in Greece at the moment that I can never be sure what's happening with the post!


  1. I love the swan swimming in the moat around the castle. Such a lovely touch. What fabrics have you used to create the detail?

  2. Thanks so much for posting the photo of your page you sent to Carmen. Can you tell us a little about how you made it? I always love to hear the details.

  3. This is lovely, Kath. I, too, love the swan. Doesn't every castle have one?

  4. This page is stunning!! I Too, would really love to hear the how-to's. I am so sorry that your country is having such troubles. Stay out of the fray and be safe!!!!!
    Best Regards!!

  5. thanks all,much appreciated as I found this the most difficult page to do. Most of the fabrics were just sewn down in one way or another; the sky was oversewn slightly to make the blue and white lines not so obvious; the brown was machine sewn with auto stitch to make a brick path pattern and the front green hand embroidered for grass and flowers with a little lace in the corner to make some perspective. The river was plain blue material that I'd previously dribble with bleach(deliberately for a change!)and handsewn stitches for the ripples. The castle was cream felt which I painted randomly with brown and then overstitched the edges to suggest bricks. The flags are free-flying bits of felt. I hope you saw the link previously to the Roses and Castles info on the web which refers to the type of decoration used on canal boats in England in the 19th century. I have loosely tried to copy one of those castles, and - yes - they do often have swans!


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