Friday, May 28, 2010

New window Page From Julliette

Two days ago I recieved this lovely window page from Julliette. Julliette is in the midst of prepping for a big exhibition so she is having a tough time getting to all of her chores so she asked me to post pictures of her page. i am delighted to do so. Almost as delighted as I am to add this beautiful page to my growning collection!!!! I do hope, however, that Julliette will tell us all about her big project when she gets to the other side of it!!!!!

In the note that came with the page , Julliette told me that she took this picture while on holiday in Cornwall (I think) and then transfered it to fabric and added gloriously detailed freemotion stitching for the vines and the flowers growing up the walls.
Thank you very much Julliette, for this wonderful addition to my little book!!!


  1. What a lovely page. The detail is delightful.

  2. this is stunning, I love it. great job Juliette! and lucky Elizabeth


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